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3 Orange(ish) Couches

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

You may have noticed on our Facebook page this morning that we posted a great room (with a great view) that sported a very attention-grabbing orange sectional sofa. Did you know that folks who wear orange more often are considered more friendly? (It’s true!) It wouldn’t be a stretch to say if you want your living room to feel more friendly and welcoming, an orange couch just might do it. At the very least you’d end up with a bold and modern seating piece for your space! Here are three orange(ish) couches for your consideration:

Moroso’s Rift Sofa, from Urbanspace Interiors tops that pile up there and brings with it a healthy dose of sleek shape style along with a pop of orange. In the middle, you’ll find the Atticus Sofa from Decades Furniture, which, while not actually “orange” is a safe, tan leather bet if you want something “orange-ish” but you’re too afraid to go all the way. Last, but certainly not least, is an affordable and bold choice from us: TrueModern’s Marfa Sofa by Edgar Blazona.

What do you say…are you for a bold orange sofa or against?

One Comment to "3 Orange(ish) Couches"

  1. I love the idea of trendy furniture. But I also want it to last a long time, especially if I put it in a room where there will be a lot of sun which might wear out the color or the fabric.

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