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Daily Archives: January 17, 2013

Crazy Modern Lighting! A Round-up.

Categories: News + Events + Contests
Crazy Modern Lighting! A Round-up.

Lighting, and even especially light bulbs, have changed pretty rapidly and wildly since their inception not that long ago. Could Edison have ever imagined the path these brilliant little light-makers would have made when he first built upon the idea? Likely not, considering many of us can’t even imagine some — Continue reading

MINIMIS’s Tiny & Potent 1PUCK LP

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, Sustainability
MINIMIS's Tiny & Potent 1PUCK LP

Been looking for a ground-breaking recessed floor light with the smallest aperture size on the market? 1PUCK , with an aperture size of a mere 0.4 inch (10mm), also has the smallest fixture diameter on the market (1.18 inch). Created by the talented Austin-based design firm MINIMIS. “Despite its tiny size, — Continue reading