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Daily Archives: January 2, 2013

Sculpture By Tomohiro Inaba

Categories: Art + Graphics
Tomohiro Inaba

  Is it unraveling or coming together?  They could resemble pencil scribbles, though Tomohiro Inaba’s iron sculptures are 3 dimensional and much more thought out defying gravity.  The solid form seems to dissolve into the air cleverly and masterfully done for this young artist you just finished his graduate studies — Continue reading

Gus* Fruit Trough is Under $100

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects, News + Events + Contests
Gus* Fruit Trough is Under $100

The Gus* Modern Fruit Trough is not a new item. But it’s an AMAZING item. Made of a slim, thin, shiny stainless steel, it’s a long (30 cool inches) perfect container for literally anything (except maybe an elephant or molten steel). It’s called a fruit trough and fruit will definitely — Continue reading

If Your Fashion Needs Some Space

Categories: Fashion + Trends
If Your Fashion Needs Some Space

We know where you can get plenty. As certified science fiction-loving, space-crazy nerds and fashion lovers, it’s hard to beat the shiny and cosmic space-themed clothes of Shadowplaynyc, which is offering tights, skirts, dresses, scarves and more in everyone’s favorite nebulas, star constellations, galaxies and other space compositions! With pretty affordable prices, — Continue reading

Save a Piece of Eames History!

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Save a Piece of Eames History!

Who doesn’t love the amazing work of that creative couple Charles and Ray Eames? Their countless contributions to the world of design reverberate through contemporary designs long after their death, and just about everything they’ve ever done is worthy of remembrance and conservation — including their architecture! Especially a specific — Continue reading