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We are stoked and happy to announce that Kansas City, Missouri-based artisan furniture maker Edwin Blue is now on the site! What makes Edwin Blue and its designs unique? Well elegant, clean lines is one thing, and their unwavering focus on good and quality materials is another. Made in a way that will make contemporary design lovers drool, the funnest part of their business is that the furniture is built through mostly traditional means by a team of craftspeople in a century-old stable that now houses the Edwin Blue studio in Kansas City, Missouri.

Ain’t that just a charmer? Whether you love their dark and dreamy Iota Table, wanna snuggle in their Match Box Bed, think some cocktails and their Snowflake Table would look great in your space or absolutely need a Rise Bar Table, you’ll love their designs and their obvious style. Find Edwin Blue at 2Modern.

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  1. Sleep Int

    Dec 26, 2012 at 10:43 am

    Stunning range guys!

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