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Well…. I ALWAYS say wear jewelry!  In fact,  I love jewelry.  I always have.  All kinds of jewelry.   And I have seen a lot of jewelry.  What is most interesting about Ware London is the use of material, the theme of repetition and the combination of design and wearer.  Most jewelry sparkles when someone wears it.  However in this case the ordinary reclaimed rubber from bicycle inner tubes comes to life through a series of cut outs.  It flows with the movement of the person and becomes a living piece of art.  I am intrigued as clearly Emma Ware, its’ name sake, sees the world in a very unique way.  Emma’s pieces are enhanced with a balance of chain, and subtle touches of onyx and labradorite.  Because each piece is hand cut no two are the same.  I am inspired as Ware proves beautiful jewelry does not have to be in precious metal.




“Jewelry design is my communication with the world and my freedom. It is my way of creating art that is accessible and wearable and if the satisfaction and joy I get from the whole process has an effect on someone out there I am happy.”

Don’t know about you but I am ready to wear it!



Have an infinitely modern day!

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  1. Brad McGill

    Dec 12, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    Wow, the design is intricately made and fantastic.

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