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Feasting seems to be on everyone’s mind with the holidays behind and ahead of us.  I know I always look forward to the savory turkey and yummy apple pie.   But now you can travel with your feast and  not gain a single pound.  Imagine just for a moment to wear your favorite food on a ring? You can even commemorate your thanksgiving meal.

Through SouZouCreations , Canadian artist, Sofia Molnar makes that cup of coffee and croissant into a ring and even customizes them  “made to order”  just like a menu.  Her products are made with an amazing attention to detail, creativity and long lasting dependability. They are constructed with many types of plastic, glass, metal, ceramic and much more.


These food rings are so amazingly adorable and affordable at $10-$20 each and make great gifts or a conversation piece.  Now what to wear with apple pie?
You can find them on SouZouCreations etsy shop.

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