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All the pertinent color masters of the world have been announcing what they think is going to be the color of 2013 — the color that is trendy, that makes it into fashion, interiors and art. The color that represents the mood we’ll all be going into as the new year comes into effect. Why just a few posts ago we announced that someone else called Indigo is the color. And Sherwin Williams said it’d be a light shade of green-gray called Aloe. Well last week Pantone made its pick…what do you guess?

It’s Emerald! Cheers for the May birthdays (Emerald is the birth stone of May). But also cheers for a deep, rich green that defies convention and categorization. That is at once cheery and perky but also rich and jewel-toned. That can be casual or formal. That is one sassy shade of green.

What do you think about Emerald being named the color of the year? Do you love it? Hate it? Which color have you liked the most? Aloe, Indigo or Emerald?

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  1. Evelyn M

    Dec 12, 2012 at 12:42 pm

    Much as I like green, this shade would be overpowering if used as anything other then an accent. Overpowering means your eye cannot leave it alone and that is not relaxing. In this era of over tired eys I would think that people any age would prefer to surround themselves with a colour that lets their eyes rest, and have some really fun accent colours, textures, shapes, etc for the eye candy. As an Interior Designer in Campbell River, a small city on the east coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada green is a popular colour (back to nature and all that) but this is not a shade I will be recommending

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