Our 9 Favorite Throw Pillows of 2012

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Of all a home’s design elements to play with, aren’t throw pillows just the greatest? Affordable, flexible and versatile, they allow you to change the mood of your sofa and living room in the blink of an eye. And they just go everywhere! On a couch, sure, but also on a bed, in a chair, piled on a floor, on a bench or a window seat and just about anywhere you can think of. We saw tons of cool throw pillows this year…here’s a list of our 9 most favorite we came across in 2012!

  1. Lindsey Lang’s Psychedelic Pillows
  2. New Fall Colors from Unison
  3. Leah Duncan’s Leif Pillow
  4. Heart by Wendy Polish and Beth Katz
  5. Satchel & Sage
  6. Eskayel’s New Akimbo Line
  7. Terry Rosen’s Pitch-Perfect Pastel Pillows
  8. Tori Murphy’s Soft & Modern Pillows & Throws
  9. White Horse Shuttlecock cover
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