Modern Christmas Tree

Modern Decor

It’s almost Christmas, which is unbelievable to me! Just yesterday I was basking in the sun while laying by a pool, and now I’m waiting for snow. Crazy. One thing that I’m loving about this holiday season is how people are getting really creative with their Christmas decor. The traditional red and green, though we still see, have been somewhat replaced with a variety of color schemes. This tree, made out of purely branches, is the perfect modern alternative to the classic Christmas tree. The neutral scheme is very soothing. It feels simplistic and organic. I also love how the owner decorated the tree with mostly whites, creams and silver. Lovely!

Are you a traditionalist? Do you enjoy stepping out of the box with your Christmas decor?

Image via Kara Rosenlund.

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  2. Lizzy Mae

    Nov 29, 2015 at 2:50 pm

    This is amazing!! Going to convince the hubby we should do this!

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