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We don’t usually post about designs that don’t exist yet, but when Michael Jantzen (who you may remember from earlier this week’s post about his Interactive Segmented Tables) emailed us his design for a conceptual project he’s come up with…well, we just had to post about it! It’s like a lego bridge mixed with an Escher drawing. In his own words: The Stair-Scape Bridge is a conceptual proposal for a new kind of public footbridge. Although the structures could vary in size, this one would be about twenty feet wide and it would have a span of about one hundred feet. Various materials could be used to construct a Stair-Scape Bridge, this one would be made of precast concrete. The bridge is formed from three separate sections connected together side by side to make one structural unit.

There are two paths across the span made in the form of undulating staircases and one path in the center made in the form of an undulating ramp. Those who want to exercise more vigorously while crossing the bridge, might want to take the stairs. Those on a bike, skateboard, or wheelchair, might choose to use the ramp.

In both cases, anyone who uses the Stair-Scape Bridge, experiences a new way of crossing over a road, river, etc. as they move up and down through space and time to get to the other side.

In some cases, special stair treads can be added to the staircase sections of the bridge that generate electricity every time pressure is applied to a step. This electricity can be sent into the local power grid, and/or stored in batteries to light the Stair-Scape Bridge at night. See more of his work on his website.


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