Lake|Flato Architects’ Leon Springs Residence

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San Antonio-based Lake|Flato Architects are a great, modern firm that focuses on creating beautiful spaces, whether for public, commercial or residential use. This 3,600 square-foot LEED Platinum-certified residence is the home of a hip, modern-minded professional couple in Leon Springs, Texas, which is located near San Antonio. The clients had simple needs: a sustainable home, a home that celebrated and revered the outdoors, that was energy efficient, that was able to harvest rainwater and provided enough room to have guests.

The space is just beautiful. Warm woods of all species and color tones mix and match and play and mingle in the space, creating a color palette that is at once energizing as it is relaxing. But color and materials aren’t the only things contributing to relaxation; so is the space planning: “There are three main forms that combine to create several outdoor spaces where the clients enjoy morning coffee, outdoor meals, and relaxation.”

The site the home sits on is lovely and slightly sloped, with some stunning views competing with the views of the inside of the home. “The roofs slope with the site, creating a low profile and allowing rainwater to naturally feed the home’s 17,000-gallon collection system.”

What a lovely place! So many great angles in this space. Really would love to see more. Spotted on the Lake|Flato Architects’ Facebook page.

Images: Copyright of Robert Reck, via Lake|Flato Architects’ website.
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  1. WBS

    Dec 28, 2012 at 10:17 am

    A beautiful home, I had a look at Lake|Flato Architects’ Facebook page too, wonderful work!

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