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EcoSmart Fire’s Modern Fireplaces are Here!

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Need a modern way to keep your home and you warm? New to 2Modern is EcoSmart Fire’s environmentally friendly, vent-free open fireplaces produce a wonderfully warm dancing flame in an aesthetically pleasing sort of way. Fueled by Bioethanol, an environmentally friendly, renewable energy, the Designer Range of fireplaces is clean and green. And what a variety of material they come in! From steel, to glass to even leather, you can find the modern look you’re yearning for and the high-quality design your home deserves. Woot woot! Check them out on 2Modern: EcoSmart Fire.

Pictured above are EcoSmart Fire’s Zeta Fireplace, Retro Fireplace and Dish Fire Pit.

And always keep up-to-date with what’s new at 2Modern in the What’s New section.

2 Comments to "EcoSmart Fire’s Modern Fireplaces are Here!"

  1. Very Informative blog. Keep it up.

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