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DIY Adorable Neon-Tipped Pine Cones

Categories: DIY + How To

Spotted over at the precious and informative Camille Styles’ blog, pine cones are painted ever so slightly with a bit of hot pink, and in this case, used adorably as place holders for a holiday meal. While we’d certainly like to use these just the way they’ve been used — for a cute, neon-themed holiday dinner, we can’t but think that just a pile of neon-tipped pine cones in a bowl or basket would make for a beautiful bit of holiday decor tucked away in a bookshelf or on a table top. You can find the no-mess way that Camille made these on her blog along with a full materials list.

How do you like your pine cones? Neon-tipped or au naturel?

Images: Camille Styles blog

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