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Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 Snapshots

Categories: Art + Graphics, Local + Travel

This was my first Basel, so I’ll be honest when I say I was fairly overwhelmed, totally under-prepared and completely knocked off my feet…in a good way! You’ll find no thorough examination of all the artists in this blog post — Basel is one huge show full of over 200 galleries, but it’s also a ton of satellite shows like Scope, Art Miami, Context and more, featuring even more galleries and even more artists. Simply put, there was no shortage of amazing art to see. What you’ll find in this blog post are snapshots of the art I saw from my own perspective.

3 Comments to "Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 Snapshots"

  1. Good God, you did a whole lot more than I did. And yes it overwhelming. But I am glad to see you featured the street art on 26th and 2nd ave

  2. That stack of bowls and plates should be called “college kitchen”.

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