A 2013 Color of the Year Prediction…

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The color manufacturer AkzoNobel has done some color calculating to come up with their prediction of what next year’s color of the year will be. Are you curious? Do you have any ideas? Do you want a hint? It’s a color, a dye, and also a part of a band’s name…

It’s Indigo! “Like the dreamy ocean landscapes hidden from everyone but deep sea divers, this color gives us a sense of tranquility and stability which is very restful. It’s a big and benevolent color which combines the trustworthy nature and evocative elegance of robust blue. To understand the two sides of this indigo’s character, just think how we are reassured by blue uniforms worn by those in positions of trust and authority, but can still be dazzled by the facets of a sapphire. As a paint color, this indigo adds a surprising, elegant strength.” Find more out about this color of the year from AkzoNobel’s website.

What do you think about their prediction? Do you love indigo? Do you hate it? Do you have some of it in your home already? Will you add some now that you’ve learned about 2013’s hot new color?

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