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2012’s Coolest (& Weirdest) Design Finds

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

There’s one thing you can count on in the design world: designers are a creative group of dreamers, and this year the world’s most innovative designers came up with some pretty darn cool things. From self-cleaning fish tanks/planters, to hanging tents, to fountains with water that flows up hill, we were dazzled by the cool (and weird) design finds this year. Here are 12 of our favorites:

A Cliffhanger – The Portaledge

Adorable/Colorful/Creative: Crayon Rings!

Inhabit’s New Corrulights Exclusively 15% Off!

Leave Me Alone, I’m Reading

Ostrich Pillow

Menosunocerouno Gives Survivor Kit a New Look

Dyson’s Up Hill Fountain

The Best Idea Ever? Trotify

Tri-Lox’s Cedar Coasters

Self-Cleaning Fish Tank/Herb Pot

Smart & Green Lighting’s LED Outdoor Lights!

Mike Thompson’s crazy/cool lighting ideas

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