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2012’s Best Art

Categories: Art + Graphics

From photographers, to sculptors, to visual artists, dreamers, innovators and more, 2012 was jam packed with some of the best art we’ve seen in years, and we tried to blog about it all on the 2Modern blog. We’re rounding up 20 right here in this post to help you review what’s happened, and look forward to all the great art we might see in the new year!

Featured Artist: Berndnaut Smilde

Colorful Ojos de Dios Yarn Mandalas

Featured Artist: Filippo Minelli

Amazing airplane lavatory self-portraits in the Flemish Style by artist Nina Katchadourian

Parvez Taj’s New White Barn Collection

365 Days of Embroidered Love

Nick Frank’s Urban Exploration of Mira

Large Geometric Sculptures: Casey Warr

Diana Kohne’s Industrial Infrastructure

Rebecca Rothfus’ Cell Tower Portraits

See Bill Sallans Salacious Seafood

Adorable Brass & Bicycle Chain Pillbugs

Gift Idea: JCR’s Stylized Wooden Birds

Art/Architecture Photography: Bert Danckaert

Phoebe Rudomino Underwater Photography

Miriam Sweeney Photography

Suzanne Jongmans’ Golden Age

Giuseppe Penone In The Hidden Life Within

Jungblut’s Permanent Negative Stability

Richard Sweeney’s Paper Horses

One Comment to "2012’s Best Art"

  1. interesting connection between the new uses of packing materials and airplane lavatory paper for the looks as a homage to the Flemish art of the golden age in both Nina Katchadourian and Suzanne Jongman’s works

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