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The Best Idea Ever? Trotify

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

We’re a little angry we’re only now discovering this, as it seems to have made a few of the blog rounds so far. Whose responsibility was it to send to us?! Anger aside, this is adorable, charming, and most of all — completely gratuitous. Meet Trotify, the all-wooden system and mechanism that you put on your bike, along with a coconut, to make it sound like a horse clopping down the road when you ride your bike around.

This is so wonderfully genius it hurts our faces. The only problem? They aren’t gonna start making these things until enough people buy one (1000, to be exact) so everybody better share the heck out of this so that these things can become a reality. Where are all the bike hipsters on this?! You guys should be eating this up! We are. More.

2 Comments to "The Best Idea Ever? Trotify"

  1. Aww, thanks for the lovely writeup! If we don’t make our target, the world is a sad, sad place :)

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