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Snapshot: Geo Wall/Global Floor

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Just gorgeous. Loving the combination of all these looks and styles in one, that still gives off a fresh, clean feel. Isn’t the all-white furniture a dream? And that pale, barely-there geometric pattern on the wall is dreamy too (and probably DIY-able). All anchored by an eye-catching, globally inspired, wildly patterned rug that pulls the whole look together. Spotted on Weekday Carnival.

One Comment to "Snapshot: Geo Wall/Global Floor"

  1. What I love about the Geo Wall is that for all its intricacy, it still lets the furniture be the star of the show. Walls, to me, should be the backdrop to beautifully functional furniture and art. This wall is art, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t the usual in your face graphic pattern that is al the rage today – and gone tomorrow.

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