Modern Gift Idea: Tri-Lox’s Cedar Coasters

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Wishing we would have waited to post our For Eco-Conscious Design Lovers gift guide, because these aromatic cedar coasters, new from hip Brooklyn-based creatives Tri-Lox, are the perfect gift for those eco-conscious folks who also love to drink very cold or hot drinks. Also awesome? Since they’re made out of that versatile and helpful cedar, you can also use these puppies in your closet and drawers to protect against pests. In their own words:

“Our coasters, crafted from 100% reclaimed aromatic Cedar, make it easy to protect your surfaces and present drinks beautifully. Since aromatic Cedar also protects against pests, mildew, and odors you can throw these in your closet for a better smelling alternative to mothballs.”

Hand-built, hand-finished, completely made of reclaimed materials and with a natural wax finish, and they’re certainly made in the USA! Normally $25 for a set of four coasters, if you like them on Facebook you can purchase the set for $20.00 until the end of the year.


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