Modern DIY to Kickstart the Season

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Anyone else dragging when it comes to the holiday decorating bug this year? Don’t know what it is, but unlike other years when we tend to jump on the decor bandwaggon as soon as the turkey from Thanksgiving’s cool, we just haven’t started yet. But, since we still have a few days left before December starts, there’s still some time to get inspired.

How about a few simple, easy, affordable and fun modern holiday DIY projects that you could do quickly and get into the modern holiday decorating mood? We’ve already bought a few presents, so why not start wrapping them to spread some cheer around the house? Loved this fresh and simple but charmingly crafty idea. How about some simple black hanging Christmas tree silhouettes? Even if you don’t have a tree up, you’ll need ornaments eventually, and we like the idea of doodling on some ourselves for a graphic pop. Or how about just print out a free DIY advent calendar, in the shape of cute little houses?

Find TONS of more awesome modern holiday DIY projects, recipes, gifts and more in our Pinterest board: Modern Holiday Ideas.

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