Modern Champagne Glasses

Modern Decor

Nothing quite says Happy New Year like a sparkling libation with streams of tiny bubbles lifting from the bottom of the glass to the surface, like streamers in the opposite directions, screaming come celebrate!  Whether it is for the New Years, the old year or your year,  the best way to drink it is from a pretty glass. Some prefer stemware some prefer stemless glasses. Tulip, flute or coupe?  My requirement is that it is as elegant as the bubbles it contains.  The season for celebrations is right around the corner so here are a few modern versions of the all important champagne glass for your holiday festivities.

Above:  Horn Champagne flute, Ingrid Ruegemer


Above:  left to right Selma Flute, CB2; Verve Flute, Crate & Barrel; Float Champagne Flutes by Molo, Riedel Sommeliers Sparkling Wine Glass, Williams-Sonoma; Inside Out Champagne Glass, Grounded.


Above: check out moss for these lovely shapes

Above: Crate and Barrel for this fluted variety.


Above: Revolution Collection Champagne Glasses by Felicia Ferrone; hand-blown of borosilicate glass


Above:  Hand-blown Champagne Glasses designed by Ilse Crawford and Michael Anastassiades

Above:  Colorful and vintage inspired from Home & Gadgets.

Above: Christofle Collection 3000 with silver base and crystal top.

Above:  These Aarne champagne glasses look a little like beer glasses.  What do you think?

Above:  Alfredo Haberli: Essence Champagne Flutes

Above:  Bloom etched stemless flute for the accident prone.

Cheers!   Have an infinitely modern day!




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  3. Richard

    Jul 30, 2014 at 5:55 am

    Loving all of these designs, but the “Horn Champagne flute, Ingrid Ruegemer” gets my vote.

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