Great Book: Flower by Andrew Zuckerman

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Andrew Zuckerman, photographer of the adorable and curiosity-inducing books “Creature” and “Bird” is back, but this time focusing not on furry and feathery things, but on flowers, the pedaled jewels and gems nature.

“Spectacular close-up images of 150 flower species, both exotic and familiar, are lovingly captured in Zuckerman’s bold yet sensitive signature style. Showcased against pure white backgrounds, the complexity of color and structure in each specimen is revealed—creating flower portraits of astonishing radiance and detail.”

A minimal book, you’ll love how you can focus on each flower perfectly, really taking the time to study all the details of each beautiful plant. A perfect gift for this holiday season, too. Makes a hefty and lovely coffee table book. Published this month by Chronicle Books. Retails for $75.

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