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Hate shopping for people who already seem to have everything? US TOO. It’s tough because you want to show you care but don’t want to get them something they won’t like or don’t need. 2Modern’s got your back! We’ve come up with eight items that we’ve come across this year that are modern, clever, functional, affordable and perfect to give to someone these holidays.

  1. Ferm Living’s Cutting Board 1 It’s simple enough that it won’t offend any tastes, and functional!
  2. Neon Mini Planters Who doesn’t love the gift of a plant — these are cute, and small enough that someone could put it anywhere.
  3. Hipster Llama Journal Everyone can use a journal for notes or ideas, and this fun graphic is so loveable everyone will love it. 
  4. Hopper Boxes Small boxes are perfect for all sorts of random little objects around the house. 
  5. Areaware’s Torch Light Who doesn’t hate waking up in the dark and not being able to find a flash light; this one is so good-looking you won’t want to hide it in a drawer. 
  6. Wooden Geometric Cubby Perfect for office supply nerds, anyone could use these cute hand-made cubbies for a plethora of objects. 
  7. Unison Harbor Blanket No matter where you live, a blanket is perfect for curling up with. Choose a solid color so it goes with anyone’s home’s style. 
  8. Fatboy Edison the Petit It might seem strange to give a lamp for a gift, but this one is special! Battery-powered and mobile, it’s perfect for all sorts of situations. 


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