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Have a fashionista or fashion lover in your midst? Love adorning the lady and lad that you adore? We came across so many amazing and beautiful modern jewelry designs this year. Some stunningly simple and modern, others intricate and geometric. Whether you know someone’s tastes well or not, take a chance this year and gift one of these fabulous fashionable modern jewelry pieces.

  1. Rosella Resin Modern Eco-jewelry
  2. MUSIBATTY handmade jewelry
  3. Autoctona’s Geometric, Modern Jewelry
  4. Areaware Drill Bit Necklace
  5. Comb Collective’s Cool Leather Shoelaces
  6. Areaware Forget Me Knot Ring
  7. Rock Paper Scissors’ Buckle Bangle
  8. Canoe’s Lovely Leather Luna Jewelry Line
  9. Geometric Jewelry: Fathom and Form
  10. Areaware Off-Axis Watch
  11. Earthy, Lightweight: Henderson Dry Goods
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