Edie’s Lab Modern Pops of Holiday

Modern Decor

We’re fans of modern accessories brand Edie’s Lab, who specialize in minimal, colorful, hand-carved accessories like hanging wall art, mirrors and tabletop decor. They also happen to be perfect at creating holiday items that totally cheer up your modern decor without taking away from the style and look of it! We fell in love one Halloween with their colorful skulls; this year we’re digging on the Tonal Greens Vintage-Inspired Christmas Tree Set (also available in wintery whites) and their Family of Carved Wooden Reindeer with Gold Leafed Antlers. The perfect complements to your other modern holiday decor or just swell as stand-alones, at these prices you could afford to put some modern holiday cheer in every room of the house! Find more great modern items on the Edie’s Lab Etsy page.

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