Downloadable DIY Geometric Memo Block

DIY + How To

Made for the the Sueddeutsche magazine in Germany, Dave Hakkens was asked (along with 8 other designers like Hella Jongerius and more) to design a product that could be made by folks at home. Involving materials you can reuse that are found around the house, this is sort of basically genius.

From the designer: “I always have little pieces of paper and post-it’s laying around my desk. Filled with messages, to do lists and reminders. It’s messy and a waste of paper…This little block can collect these things on one central place. Write it on with a whiteboard marker and wipe it of when it’s done.”

“It’s designed in a way that you can make one yourself, using materials around your house. Old cardboard is used for building the shape. Old plastic bags, sheet protectors or foil is used as whiteboard surface and some tape/glue to connect everything. I made 3 different models, they can be downloaded for 3 euro!” Find your template here.

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