DesignSTUDIO’s singleSPEED Picnic Table

Modern Decor

Cause sometimes you just need a picnic table that is sturdy, bold, modern and most of all MOVEABLE. Mark Meyer of Austin-based designSTUDIO loves pig roasts — eating and hosting them — and this design was born out of the need for a moveable table that could handle some swine and those who love eating swine. Thankfully, as an architect and designer, he’s graciously offered to begin selling the piece to those who love eating and design, too.

“The singleSPEED is a 28 1/2″ wide picnic table proportioned to gather a good sized group of people around the table for a BBQ and BS session. Bicycle wheels at one end make it easy for one person to move it about to best suite the occassion. From the dining room, to the porch, and out into the yard, singleSPEED is right at home.”

Contact Mark and designSTUDIO directly for pricing and ordering information of the singleSPEED Picnic Table.

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