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Cool? Delightfull’s New Diana Floor Lamp

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Take the industrial, traditional desk lamp shape, blow up it up huge, and you’ve got Delightfull’s new Diana Floor Lamp. From the website: “This contemporary fresh classic lamp turns any room into a giant colorful inviting space. Ideal for big lofts and artist studios, this creative floor lamp composed by a colorful lampshade in aluminum will give inspiration to any setting.”

What do you think about this lamp? Cool or not? Let us know in the comments below.

8 Comments to "Cool? Delightfull’s New Diana Floor Lamp"

  1. I absolutely love this light. It may have to adorn my soon to be completed basement compliment the planned Eames Lounger.

  2. wow cool and hot!!!

  3. Very coool! And hot too, agree :)

  4. This is one unique floor lamp. Honestly, this is my first time to see this kind of floor lamp design

  5. Hey thats really Cool!!

    Certainly seems quite handy. We could carry it quite easily anywhere even for our family trips besides using it in our drawing room.

    That certainly gives a feel of Lights in OT.

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