Artist: Gedi Sibony


Gedi sibony Gedi Sibony Gedi sibony Gedi sibony Gedi sibony

I’m a big fan of breaking it down. I like the idea of taking the complex and dissolving it, in all it’s fleshy complexity, till it’s feathery light and barely able to stand up under it’s own weight. That is when it becomes poetic – a shell of it’s former self but with all the same mental gravity. A bent and leaning slice of carpet or cardboard box. A few lengths of tape placed squarely on the surface. A sheet of plastic strung up and isolated on a stark white wall. That’s all you really need, that says so much. Gedi Sibony makes art that is so visually complex and simple at the same time that it’s easy to get mad at his work – dismiss it as forgettable but i’ts not. You won’t soon forget it.
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