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There’s been a trend of recent years, we’ve noticed, by certain photographers, to find beauty in the mundane, often-run down surroundings of our urban life. But as one can clearly see, though plenty of great work exists, Bert Danckaert’s work has just got that little something extra that is making these photos of abandoned buildings and other structures really stand out from the rest.

This is what Inge Henneman, curator of the Antwerp Photo Museum, had to say about this Belgium-based photographer: “The bizarre cityscapes of Bert Danckaert deal with the same paradox of abstractive simplicity and a complexity of meaning and metaphor. Danckaerts still lives breathe a superficial flavour, a strangeness that is found in the familiar. Coincidental installations of sidewalks, walls and street furniture refer more to minimalist art than to conventions of street photography. In these absurd scenarios a recognizable, all too banal reality appears stage-set, props and trompe-l’oeil included, while the actors are absent.”

Tons of more beautiful photos on Bert’s website.

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