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Daily Archives: November 23, 2012

DIY: Graphic Striped Rattan Pouf!

Categories: DIY + How To
DIY: Graphic Striped Rattan Pouf!

Spotted this over at the Old Brand New blog…someone had had a plain rattan pouf for four years, and decided to give it a new life. Inspired by a thrifted painted over the mantle, stripes of yellow, white and black are painted on in a thick, wide style, creating quite — Continue reading

Favorite Pins of the Week

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Favorite Pins of the Week

Color color color! Color caught our eyes this week on Pinterest, from bold green stairs, to red red lips to rainbow architecture to more! Patterns always plays an important to our eyeballs, ans as always we love art, architecture, texture, pattern and more is important to us. What caught your — Continue reading