Paris: A Modern, Eclectic Charmer

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As you may or may not have realized, your trusty editor-in-chief is gallivanting across Europe right now. Well actually, specifically, Amsterdam and Paris (I was gonna make it to Berlin, but had to drop that portion of the trip unexpectedly). I just love Paris. Love walking around. Loving seeing the sights. Love eating the croissants. Love feeling the spirit and energy of the city.

And of  course, the design portion of it ain’t too shabby, either. Though styles of all types exist in Paris, we’ve always been drawn to the charming, slightly modern, totally eclectic style that seems to come naturally to many folks. While in Paris last week, we had the pleasure of staying in a cute and charming little AirBnB apartment, right next to La Basilique du Sacré Coeur de Montmartre. It was lovely.

We just loved the effortless mix of styles, of how it felt modern because it wasn’t stuffed to the gills with things — he approached the space modernly with a minimal amount of items, and he incorporated the idea of using bold, bright textiles to add color, interest and tie the space together. We just adored all the natural charm the space was imbued with naturally (like that painted, peeling white floor in the bedroom!). Throw in some industrial-style bedside lighting and a modern bed frame, and what was left was a truly lovely little modern eclectic Paris gem of a look.

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