Magentic Floating Lamp

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Happy Halloween and here is some magnetic magic trickery for a treat.  The Floating Lamp from WRBest is truly floating.  It has an aluminum base and the lampshade is made of PVC and acrylic.  The magnetic tray allows for the floating of the upper lamp to be suspended with a stream of light coming from the distance between the upper and lower portions of the lamp. Six white LED lights are the source.  Not only do they float, the upper part rotates.  The magnetic tray inside the lampshade can be taken out to levitate alone, which people can use to put other gadgets on the tray within a 0-3.5 oz weight range.

Colors come in black, striped white, striped blue,  striped red and UFO version.  You heard correctly…UFO.



Have a infinitely modern day!


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