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How Are We Doing?

Categories: News + Events + Contests

But seriously…how you digging the blog? How do you like shopping on 2Modern? Do you think our Pinterest stream is drab or fab? Are you gonna disown us if we tweet any more? Do our Facebook posts make you yawn? Or conversely, do you think we’re the best thing since sliced bread?

We want to exist for you. For everything you might need. So comment below on the post. Leave us a comment or a message on Facebook. Direct message or tweet @ us on Twitter. Shoot us an email. Send a smoke signal. Anything. Just please let us know how we can serve you better.

6 Comments to "How Are We Doing?"

  1. I love all the ideas and photos you share. They are great for inspirational ideas! However, that’s where it stops for me – as I feel like your blog and store are geared towards those who have a nice large budget to work with, which I’ll have to sadly move on from.

    • Kara — let’s talk. I TOTALLY hear you on the not having a budget for some of this stuff. Would you be interested in more affordable DIY posts? I dropped off from posting those because I’ve been on vacation…but I have a few coming up next week that I think you’ll like. I encourage you to keep checking us out! As much as we do love posting about totally unattainable design, I think you’ll find we focus on design for folks with regular-sized budgets more than a few other design blogs out there :) Regardless—thank you so much for your feedback. Really, really appreciate it.

  2. Hi Adrienne! You often catch my eye with your content, via RSS or Twitter. A good balance of the stuff we like. Keep doing what you’re doing :-)

  3. I love the post especially the cat in the pic that looks so cute. :)

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