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It’s safe to assume that whoever first declared “God is in the details” was most definitely not referring to industrial hardware. Despite being indispensable to our lives, the bolts and screws and chains and wires that quite literally hold together the objects we covet and the buildings we occupy don’t get a whole lot of worshipping from us. Mostly, we ask that they do their work in hiding, shielded from our gazes for their ungodly ugliness.

Reliability and high performance—not good looks—are the qualities we demand from these mundane elements. And yet, a closer look may reveal a peculiar brand of, well, beauty; and maybe we shouldn’t be all that surprised. If all good design solves problems, the solutions made possible by just the right curve of a hook or identical, interlocking links are testaments to imagination, innovation and grace—the very characteristics we admire in the objects we call beautiful.

Subtle distinctions—symmetry and proportion, balance and precision—separate the ordinary from extraordinary and turn the useless into essential. And in this respect, at least, the things that we want hidden from view may not be so far removed from those that we proudly display.

Photo credits:  Promila Shastri

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  1. tracy

    Jan 24, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    so provocative and true!

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