GEODE: Rechargeable Lighted Images

Modern Decor

In conjunction with award winning designer Derrick Hurst, Ghost Nest is pleased to be announcing their bold new lighting product, Geode. It’s not a simple picture frame, or a simple accent light – it’s a dynamic way to light your space while showcasing and illuminating your image.  Help us bring our project to life on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/Vh7dLn

There are three features that make Geode unlike anything else.  Each frame is interchangeable and so is the image contained within, Geode unplugs and glows for 6 hours (and recharges once plugged back in) and due to its angular nature, Geode has seven unique resting positions. Geode is 5”x5”x4.5” and is constructed of plastic and aluminum.  The removable frame is a soft, matte finish silicon, while the body is a white opaque, glossy polycarbonate.


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