Dutch Design Details Part 1

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Hello from Holland! In doing some research for this post, I realized I missed a heckuva lotta amazing architectural landmarks walking around Amsterdam today. But that’s okay; I’ll get to them tomorrow. Today was all about absorbing architecture around Amsterdam. Getting to know the feel of the design of the city — picking out certain details I saw over and over again. I walked from the neighborhood I’m staying in, Plantage, further deep into the old center of town. There I found tons of quirky, Dutch details. I didn’t take a lot of photos today, I admit, because I was doing a lot of walking and even more gawking. But I’ll share a few that I found with you. I noticed a few design detail trends that could definitely be borrowed to add some Dutch charm to the outside of a home, no matter the style or geographical location. I’ll share some of those in another post.

First a bit about the “look” of Dutch architecture in Amsterdam, from Amsterdam’s wiki page: “In the 16th century, wooden buildings were razed and replaced with brick ones. During this period, many buildings were constructed in the architectural style of the Renaissance. Buildings of this period are very recognisable with their stepped gable façades, which is the common Dutch Renaissance style. Amsterdam quickly developed its own Renaissance architecture. These buildings were built according to the principles of the architect Hendrick de Keyser.”

Images: Adrienne Breaux
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  1. Sister Disco

    Oct 10, 2012 at 7:58 am

    I was in Amsterdam this time last year. Amazing city. I just love it. If you’re looking for recommendations on where to go/eat/drink/shop while you’re there, I posted about my trip here http://sisterdisco.com/2011/11/16/amsterdam/


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