DIY Wood Garland (Perfect for Holiday Decor)

DIY + How To

Perfect for holiday decor, you ask incredulously? Why 2Modern, it’s not a garish green or red color. It doesn’t sport a palette that reminds you of a pile of autumn leaves. It isn’t covered in glitter or tinsel…how could it possibly represent the holidays?! Well … because it’s so simple — so clean — so modern. It could easily be hung in a dining room, kitchen, living room or more to have a subtle celebratory feel to a space. And, if you just need a little color…well you could always paint, stamp or customize this idea. And don’t forget that the more simple the decor, the more holidays you could use this for!

Spotted on Hank and Hunt, it’s surprisingly more easy to make than we originally thought! Seriously you could do in an afternoon! And not expensive to do, either!

What do you think about the idea of a simple, not brazenly-colored garland in a space to celebrate the holidays?

Images: Hank and Hunt
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