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DIY: Change Up Your Bed Type!

Categories: DIY + How To

What’s your bed type? You know — are you a modern platform kind of person? Or love a tufted headboard? Have you always dreamed of having a bed with a canopy but have stopped yourself for some reason? We came across the absolute most fun round-up post on Buzzfeed the other day full of all the different types of bed options there are out there.

It made us think about our own bed type (modern platform wishing we were canopy) and also think about how most folks tend to stick to their comfort zone when it comes to choosing a bed type. Perhaps it’s time to DIY or buy a different type for your bedroom? Who knows what kind of new life it might inspire! See the original Buzzfeed post for all the inspiration or check out 2Modern’s different modern bed offerings to see what else is out there.

What kind of bed type are you? 

Images: Buzzfeed

3 Comments to "DIY: Change Up Your Bed Type!"

  1. On the pallet bed on the right side of the main picture: totally impractical. How do you clean/dust/vacuum it? You’d have to take it completely apart. Also, the raw pallets would have to be finished to some degree, to prevent linen and bedding from snagging on splinters. It might look pretty, but if you can’t live with it, it’s not a good design.

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