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We fell in love today. A sprawling, welcoming, former 17th century textile guild, with white walls, sparse but meaningful architectural details, tall ceilings and beautiful, big windows letting Dutch sunshine in, the physical space wasn’t what stole our heart: It was the amazing  hip, very modern hotel/store/gallery/garden/cafe/more known as Hôtel Droog, officially opened September 18th this year by Dutch design brand Droog.

Don’t let the “Hotel” in its title fool you: Droog completely flips and reverses the idea of the traditional hotel, where there might be lots of spaces for sleeping and not a lot else. Droog takes the idea of hospitality — of being welcoming (to you and to nearly every aspect of the word “design”) — and applies that to a hip modern furniture/accessories/lighting store and much, much more.

A powerful and popular design brand since 1993, it’d be incorrect to say this was just a furniture store stocking Droog-designed products. It’s that, for sure, in the “Design at Droog Store.” But it’s also “Room Service by Droog,” a wonderful and Dutch landscape-inspired cafe. “Cosmania” features international and fabulous cosmetics brands, “Kabinet” stocks a carefully chosen collection of modern clothing design labels and the “Weltevree” outlet carries some truly stunning modern outdoor options. They even have a tucked-away outdoor space inspired by fairy tales to wander through.

What we loved the most about this space is how it brought together both visually and physically, all the different things that Droog is up to — it solidifies what they do as a company, but also in many ways expands what they do, leaving all their options wide open. Clearly sticking to their philosophy of collaboration and dedication to design, also at Hôtel Droog right now in their gallery is an exhibit by curator Adelia Borges: “In Praise of Diversity – Benches from Brazil.”

Hôtel Droog is located at Staalstraat 7B, 1011 JJ Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Find more information about them and all that they do on their website, Hôtel Droog and buy some items if you’re hankering for any (some are high-end pricey, some are affordable, all totally worth it) at the Droog web store. Looks like their Facebook page is very up-to-date, for current information, too.

Did you just fall in love now, too?

Images: Adrienne Breaux (and sorry they’re a little crappy — -the one day I don’t carry my DSLR with me!)
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