Cross-stitch Cork Tray DIY

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Need a little something to carry tea out to guests? Looking for something to display an array of cheeses or charcuterie? Or finally looking for a coaster DIY project you can customize, make easily and don’t have to spend a lot of money on? We spotted this project on the Finnish blog Bambula. And though there aren’t instructions per se, it’s because it’s so easy. Find some cork board of a medium thickness, drill a few holes in it, and thread some neon twine or string through it, tying it in the back. Voila! An adorable cross-stitch motif that took only a few minutes but makes a big impact. The versatility of this project has got to be its biggest appeal: keep in mind you control the shape of the cork board, what color the twine is, what design you choose and even what you use the finished project for! We could totally see these used as wall art or even as holiday gifts!

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Images: Bambula
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