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Cool Cribs for a Modern Nursery

Categories: Kids + Baby, Modern Decor + Objects

Have a baby on the way? Don’t want to sacrifice style? You have modern tastes and don’t know how you’ll find just the right baby furniture for your modern nursery? Duh! 2Modern! We’ve got so many things just perfect for a modern nursery, just the thing for a baby to get a good night’s sleep in. Find six great crib options below! And find all of 2Modern’s crib offerings right here.

1) Nurseryworks Abbey Crib
2) Oeuf Robin Crib
3) Tulip Leander Convertible Crib with Mattress
4) Muu Sam Crib
5) Spot On Square Eicho Crib
6) Argington Sahara Crib


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