Berthold Haas’ Modern Fireplace Inspiration

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Mmmm. Do you feel that? It’s a slight chill…a small breeze taking shape in the air. It’s the undeniable proof that colder winter months are on their way. That part of the earth and its inhabitants will soon be thrust into a time of reflection, hibernation and snuggly-ness. The perfect modern accessory for that sort of weather and those sorts of activities? Why a beautiful, modern fireplace and mantel, of course.

If you’ve been looking for some ideas to borrow that are truly unique, modern and unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, you might be looking for Berthold Haas’ work. The Austin-based craftsman doesn’t just build fireplaces — he’s got countertops, fountains and more under his belt — but it’s his fireplaces that have us so tickled with inspiration right now. Obviously it would take someone with his skill to create and craft fireplaces this good-looking (and any Texas residents or designers should probably give him a call) but we’re hoping these photos give you some ideas of what kind of things there are out there.

Even if you don’t have the money or time to renovate your whole house, modernizing a focal point like a fireplace could really anchor a space’s style and do a lot for someone wanting to live in a more modern space. See more of his work (of all sorts of things) on his online portfolio.

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