Adam Whatley’s Earthy, Gritty Claywork

Modern Decor

Adam Whatley’s inspiration for his gritty, dark and crusty clay earthenware is varied and not very recognizable. It’s because though he takes his cues from clay masters of the past of all cultures, he filters them through his own keen eyes, through his own masterful hands, to then create his work. Yes, Adam Whatley is a contributor at 2Modern, but did you also know he’s a very talented sculptor?

What makes us cherish his work even more is, as a Texas resident, he uses clay pulled from Texas soil itself; meaning his work with global influences still stays close and true to the home he holds dear. This gives his work not only a rich look, but a rich feel. Textured and dramatic, his microwave and dishwasher safe pieces would make for quite the addition to your holiday table, but also look as equally as lovely displayed in your decor. See more on Adam’s Claywork Etsy page.

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