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A Cliffhanger – The Portaledge

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Cliffhanger, and I am not kidding.  The Black Diamond Sky Lounge or rather Portaledge is meant for the modern mountaineer, hiker or rock climber. Basically anywhere you want to hang your hat for the night.  Camping in a tree top or hugging the sheer rock wall.




It’s the place climbers sleep when they’re halfway up a mountain — essentially, a very strong cot with straps secured to a central carabineer. It is covered with a tent for protection and to keep you from rolling off the platform.  It weighs 12 pounds, 5 ounces from what I hear and is plenty strong.  It is made for one, unless you want to get really cozy.  Just a little too minimal even for this minimalist.


Have an infinitely modern day!

5 Comments to "A Cliffhanger – The Portaledge"

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  2. Those first few pictures look so beautiful!! I don’t think I would actually want to sleep there though…

  3. Love this both a smart design and very creative!

  4. This is amazing. I wonder how much weight one tent can hold? Also I wonder how easy it is to setup on the side of a cliff.

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