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Daily Archives: October 30, 2012

DIY Wood Garland (Perfect for Holiday Decor)

Categories: DIY + How To, Modern Holiday Ideas
DIY Wood Garland (Perfect for Holiday Decor)

Perfect for holiday decor, you ask incredulously? Why 2Modern, it’s not a garish green or red color. It doesn’t sport a palette that reminds you of a pile of autumn leaves. It isn’t covered in glitter or tinsel…how could it possibly represent the holidays?! Well … because it’s so simple — Continue reading

New Side Tables from Alice Tacheny, Gus*

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
New Side Tables from Alice Tacheny, Gus*

Need something to set a drink on? Hold your alarm clock and book you’re currently reading? You need a side table/nightstand. Not only does 2Modern have plenty of end tables and nightstands to choose from, we’ve got a few more that just hit our virtual shelves that you’re gonna wanna know — Continue reading

Modern Mini: Torsten Ottesjo’s Hus-1

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
Modern Mini: Torsten Ottesjo's Hus-1

You’re just not going to meet a blog out there that daydreams more about escaping off to an adorable, tiny, efficient, smart, modern cabin/nook out in the woods somewhere. Torsten Ottesjo’s Hus-1 fits all our dreams and fantasies perfectly. A small house for two people build on site, the idea was — Continue reading