10 of Our Favorite Modern LED Light Fixtures

Modern Decor

Remember when LED lights looked terrible?!!? Or when they gave out a weird, cold robot-y sort of light? Sorry to burst your light bubble, but LED lights aren’t just cool…they’re totally mainstream. So along with getting all the great benefits of LED lighting (longer life, better energy efficiency, eco-friendly, to name only a few) you now get to choose from some pretty stellar and sleek modern LED designs. From names like Cerno, FLOS, VIBIA, Mio, Pablo and more, we’ve chosen ten of our favorites (but don’t just stick to this list; you can find all of our LED lighting options here) for inspiration:

  1. Fanimation Landan Ceiling Fan
  2. Cerno Forma LED Floor Lamp
  3. Mio Trask Desktop Lamp
  4. VIBIA Slim Single Pendant
  5. Cerno Silva LED Floor Lamp
  6. FLOS Kelvin LED Task Lamp
  7. Marset Ledtube Wall Lamp
  8. Pablo Pixo Task Lamp
  9. VIBIA Alpha Square Sconce
  10. Cerno Levis LED Pendant Light
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