Which Rug + This Art?

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If you’ve fallen in love with Emma at Home’s Coral Maps 2 Giclee like we have, you might wonder “What sort of rug should/would go with this piece of art?” It’s a power art piece — something that would add a lot of boldness to a wall and an entire space, so the other bold, colorful element you add into your space (usually a rug) should really coordinate accordingly. For you to choose from today are:

  1. Gandia Blasco Flower Wool Rug
  2. By Second Studio Pieces de Tokyo Rug
  3. By Second Studio Pinar Del Rio Rug

Well? What’ll it be? Which one do you like most? Don’t like the art? Don’t like the rug choices? Pick your own favorite combination from Emma at Home giclees and 2Modern modern rugs.

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