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Which One Works Best?

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

In honor of our still-going-on-but-gonna-end-soon 15% off Knoll sale, we thought we’d do a “Which one works best” involving a design classic, in this case the Bertoia Bird Lounge manufactured by Knoll. We’re wondering what kind of wallpaper to pair with it? Should we go for a traditional but fun Valencia Wallpaper print from Flavor Paper? Or perhaps a wood-inspired Scrapwood Wallpaper print from Piet Hein EekGraham & Brown’s Isabelle Wallpaper seems weird with it, but in a good way. And what about that orange upholstery with Eskayel’s wild and dizzying Kings Cross Wallpaper?

5 Comments to "Which One Works Best?"

  1. Love the black and white!

  2. I really like the floral wallpaper, but I can see how all of them could be used to a beautiful room.

  3. This is a fun looking chair! Would be a great addition to any room – thanks for sharing!

  4. I think all of them go well with it. It all depend on the colors, shapes and patterns of the other elements in the room.

    If I were to chose wallpaper Nr. 1 and I could go wild at http://www.2modern.com, I’d go for something fun and vivacious. My vision board would look like this:


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